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    I’m sure this is probably an old-skool question for long time Cloverleafers, but after digging around and looking at as much info as I can find I still can’t tell the proper way to do this (maybe there is more than one way).

    We are on v5.5 (rev 1) on Windows. What I want to do is be able to tell what is coming into a given connection  (thread) at the most basic level(s). It would be nice via the GUI to be able to “see” hex/ascii input at any of the 7 OSI layers (eg, are they sending a stx or etx, and so forth, as well as the contents of the actual data message). Optimally it would be cool if this just somehow showed up in the log (watch/browse) but I could live with just writing it out to a file if that’s what it takes.

    Is this something that would require pdl manipulation, or an IB tcl proc, or what? How do I even begin to do this? I can manipluate basic tcl well enough to mess with data in xlates and stuff, but writing base code to do stuff with the OS or the engine starts to get a little over my head in the tcl department. I take it there is no ‘standard’ way to do this…or is there?

    Thanks for any input. This is something I have long wondered how to do (in Cloverland).

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      James Cobane

      Depending on the level of detail you want to see, this can all be controlled via EO to see all of that information in the log.

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      See how dim I am? That works great…I think it will be what I need. I think of all the EO options enable_all was the one I hadn’t really looked at.

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      Sundeep Kumar

      You could dump the USERDATA portion on th message in inbound TPS and look at it via a hex editor but that would still give you what the engine formatted from what came in. I think what you are asking is to dump what the PDL gets. It may be possible to dump the contents at the PDL stage (assuming you use mltcp.pdl) but I have;nt messed with PDLs. You could always out a network snooper utility that sniffs an incomming port and dumps it to a log file, and this would be outside cloverleaf. Cehck this link for network sniffer tools

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