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    Rentian Huang

    Greetings Cloverleafers!!!

    We are currently running CL5.2 on AIX 5.1. We are planning to upgrade our OS to AIX 5.x before upgrading to CL5.5.

    I want to get an idea what problems we may run into and which AIX 5.x is the best fit for CL5.5.

    Thanks in advance~

    Sam   8)

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      Glenn Friedenreich

      Hi Sam – We migrated from Cloverleaf 5.3 on AIX 5.1 to Cloverleaf 5.5 on AIX 5.3 back in November.   If I recall correctly, Cloverleaf 5.3 and below are not supported on AIX 5.3, and Cloverleaf 5.5 is not supported on AIX 5.1.  (I’m not sure if this actually means that Cloverleaf will not work on the unsupported versions of AIX).  We avoided the issue by migrating to new IBM hardware at the same time.  As it turned out, the savings in maintenance contract costs on the new hardware made it cost-effective to do this.

      Anyway, Cloverleaf 5.5 on AIX 5.3 is working fine for us; We’ve had no problems.

      – Glenn

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      Rentian Huang


      Thank you very much for your reply, it’s very helpful information! Just wondering, do you mind sharing with us what kind of new IBM hardware you guys got there? And how much approximately we should pay for that?

      I think we will go with Cloverleaf 5.5 on AIX 5.3 as you did.

      Good day,


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      Glenn Friedenreich

      Sam – Here is the comparison of our old and new hardware.

      – Glenn

      approximate 2.5 yr payback

      OLD    7028-6C1    3 servers (1 HACMP cluster, 1 standalone batch server) – prod environment

                 7026-H70    2 servers (1 HACMP cluster – test environment

                 7026-H70    2 servers – prod DR environment (1 for real time, 1 for batch)

             Support / year        hardware  $24,500

                                                 software   $14,000

                                                 ==================> $38,500 /yr

      New    9131-52A    1 server (prod/batch lpar, test lpar)

                 9131-52A    1 server (dr for prod/batch lpar, dr for test lpar)

                 Purchase             $88,500        includes 3 yr H/W, S/W support with 24×7 uplift)

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      Rentian Huang

      Waw, that’s nice and helpful information, your help is very much appreciated!!!   😛

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