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    Kevin Crist

    we have a site that is heavily used with 21 threads and only one process. it is starting to have problems and i was curious if we can take that one process and split into a few more processes. can you have threads in from one process going to another or is it better practice to have them all grouped.

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      Jim Kosloskey


      Personally I would split the processes and not use cross-process communication (ib threadin process a routing directly to outbound thread in process b).

      What I would do is static raw route ib thread in process a to outbound thread in process a. The outbound thread in process A would be tcp/ip or pdl mlp – your choice – to localhost and some port.

      Then in process b I would have an inbound thread listening on localhost same port as the outbound thread in process a, same protocol. Don’t forget acknowledgment handling. Now I would route the inbound thread in process b (xlate or whatever) to the outbound threads that are the real destinations.

      You could also break the whole thing up into multiple sites. More work but, in my opinion more advantage – and – where I think you will end up eventually anyway.

      It has been my opinion for some time that virtually most if not all Cloverleaf(R) users will be multi-site. It is not a matter of if but a matter of when.


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      Sergey Sevastyanov


      Could you please explain advantages of having several sites over one?

      Our current production site is quite clattered but we are implementing a new HIS and we are building most interfaces from scratch. I guess it’s a good time to create several sites right from the beginning rather than changing existing production site.

      I’d like to understand criteria for making decision to create a separate site(s).

      So far we have 2 sites for new test system – one is handling actual interfaces and second site receives copies of all messages (raw and translated) from the first site and send them to SQL Server archive.


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      Jim Kosloskey


      Basically the advantages are ones related to granularity of control. There can also be some performance advantages as well.

      This is not a free lunch however, and should be planned as carefully as possible. There are some down sides like the monitoring of integrations is not as straight forward.

      There are considerations like how to handle ‘global’ objects (Table, Variants, procs, etc) – much of that seems to be taken care of with the Master Site concept in 5.6 Cloverleaf(R).

      There are also considerations as to the architecture of the sites to best fit your needs.

      I would say you are at a place where doing this thinking makes sense.

      This is a topic not easily discussed in a forum context. The last time I went through this thought process with someone it took around 30 minutes of conversation.

      If you will be at this year’s User Conference I can spend some time with you.

      Otherwise, email me and maybe we can discuss this off line.


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