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    John Zalesak

    We have had two different vendors tell us that when the engine is disconnecting from them, it is not sending them a properly formatted disconnect message.  It is causing broken pipe type issues in there systems.

    We have alerts that bounce connections on last received and outbound que depth.  I use a tcl proc to process the alert.  I bounce it first and see if it corrects itself.  If it does not fix it, it sends out emails to notify the appropriate people.  The commands I issue for the bounce are:

    hcicmd -p $ProsName -p $ConnName phold_obd

    hcicmd -p $ProsName -p $ConnName pstop

    hcicmd -p $ProsName -p $ConnName pstart

    This causes broken pipes and I cause broken pipes if I bounce the connection from the GUI as well.

    Is there a way to bounce a connection that sends out a disconnect message first???

    Thanks in advance,

    John Z

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      Charlie Bursell

      I beleive the second -p is actually a -c and the command is within quotes?

      Cloverleaf TCP/IP is implemented IAW RFC which says it is to send a FIN when closing and then goes into a FIN WAIT state.  You can see this in Figure 6 of the RFC:

      Of course if the connection crashes all bets are off.  😉

      If you are speaking of something at the application level, I suppose you might be able to do something via the shutdown command.

      I would put a sniffer on the line to see who is really doing what.

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      John Zalesak


      You are correct, the second -p is really a -c and yes there are quotes.  I also get the stats on the thread to see how things went and take action depending on result.  Here is the actual code:

      catch [exec $HciRoot/bin/hcicmd -p $ProsName -c “$ConnName phold_obd”]

      sleep 2

      catch [set ThrdStats [msiGetStatSample $ConnName]]

      keylget ThrdStats PSTATUS HoldStat

      Looks like we need to do some more leg work to get to the bottom of this.

      Thanks for pointing us in the correct direction.

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