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    Tim Wanner

    We loaded 5.6 and patches (5.6P) to Sun Solaris server that had been running 5.5.  I created a site (hcisiteinit) with one thread (fileset-local protocol).

    The process panics with :

    (-905) ‘RDM Embedded DB error: “SYSTEM/OS error: -905

    error opening data or key file

    C errno = 0: Error 0″

    Any thread/protocol I create, panics. Same error.

    I was wondering if anyone else has seen this error after loading 5.6

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      James Cobane


      We experienced this issue on AIX 5.3, but it had to do with the AIX ML 7 patch and how it was applied.  When the AIX patch was applied, it effected something with the use of relative-pathing (i.e.  ../mydir/mycommand) in commands.  Once the patch was re-applied (using a different method), the issue went away.  Some other things to check would be some of the limit settings for your environment (i.e. # of allowable files open, etc.).  I know this isn’t much help, but it’s a little something.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      james tey

      Tim, have your problem resolved?? Somehow during a trial with Sun, I’ve gotten this error too…..

      Anyone have more inputs on this??

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      Tim Wanner

      The problem stemmed from using ZFS file system on SUN.  There is a setting in /hcisite/ecec/database/rdm.ini “truename=0”

      From HV R&D:

      Looking at the mnttab files confirmed that the problem is that the

      Raima database’s truename functionality does not handle ZFS

      configuration for the Cloverleaf directories well.  Like the case

      reproduced in our lab, the fsname does not match the profiles expected

      by Raima’s truename code.

         zp1/quovadx /opt/hci/quovadx zfs

      rw,devices,setuid,exec,xattr,atime,dev=4010004 1216129002

      We will follow up on this issue with Birdstep and hopefully they will

      address it in a future release.  

      Until then, we now know that with certain file systems and

      configurations the truename flag needs to be turned off in rdm.ini.


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      james tey

      thanks for your wonderful feedback…i’ve managed to get the site running again.

      Any harm expected when turning the that option OFF??

      pls do keep us posted again should you have any updates on this matter….appreciate that very much.

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      Tim Wanner

      We’ve done minimal testing with 5.6 because of other priorities.  

      Created sites, threads, passed untranslated messages.

      So far no anomalies, but we’re proceeding with caution.

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      james tey

      hhmm…looks like i’m doing more, other than those you have mentioned….eg xlt, tclprocs, tables…etc…(converting from current qdx 5.3, IBM AIX)

      other will be SUN clustering and load testing for performance baseline measuring.

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