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    Windows v5.5

    Does anyone have an idea what kind of problem might be causing this error:

    [pti :sign:WARN/0:fr_amicas_suid:07/02/2009 14:56:16] Thread 4 received signal EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION:

     The thread attempted to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

    [pti :sign:WARN/0:fr_amicas_suid:07/02/2009 14:56:16] PC = 0xffffffff

    It happens occasionally – it used to be rather infrequent but now it’s happenig at random times a couple times a week. Nothing has really changed (that I know of), and its not during any kind of backup/maintenance times.  

    On a secondary note, it of course winds up killing the process and threads, the solution to which is to just restart the process and then it comes right up….would I be right to assume there is some kind of tcl I could write that the alert would trigger so that it would essentially just restart itself (or at least try)?  I know I would just need to get it to issue a


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      Mike Parkinson

      We had something similar happening, and it turned out to be a networker backup that was trying to backup certain files.  When it was trying to back them up, it would lock them, and the error you’re getting would occur.

      I believe the solution was to make sure that there is no virus scanning or backups of the Exec directories (though it might have been the entire Site directory).  Hopefully some one else will know for sure.

      I hope this helps.


      Mike Parkinson

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      Russ Ross

      We have an alert on just about all our production processes that will notify us and attempt to restart the process and one interface, so yes you can use an alert in conjunction with trying to identify and fix your problem.

      Here is one example of an alert entry from one of our default.alrt files that monitors if the process is not running and perfoms the notification action and restarting of the process and interface of interest by calling our in-house script called recycle_thread_alert.ksh in this example.

      {VALUE ps} {SOURCE ib_ap} {MODE actual} {WITH 1} {COMP {!= running}} {FOR {nmin 15}} {WINDOW {* * 7-18 * * 1-5}} {HOST {}} {ACTION {{exec {recycle_thread_alert.ksh   weekday__hub_team     ‘recycling ob_di_dictation_2570 – process ib_ap is down, DANGER!’   ob_di_dictation_2570   ib_ap}}}}

      Russ Ross

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