Phantom Pendings

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    john benevento

    The status report for one of the threads in our charge interface claims that there are 812 pendings although it’s been confirmed they don’t exist.  I’ve tried the usual stop/start, refresh, reboot, as well as completely deleting the thread and rebuilding it from scratch.  Cloverleaf Support has investigated the problem and cannot find a reason why the thread still shows the pendings.  Has anyone come across this type of thing?

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      Tom Rioux

      Have you tried doing a hcimsiutil -zt   Maybe this will help


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      Russ Ross

      I don’t have a solution but if it is any comfort I have seen the IDE give false information about msg counts often enough that I do not trust it as much as I would like.

      I always make it a point to preach to our team that when dealing with an on-call issue to go to the command line and confirm that the GUI IDE is telling the truth before taking any action.

      I also have found the incorrect information to be stubborn to get rid of and do not have a cook book formula for you to follow on how to resolve it.

      All I can say is the world is crazy and not you, and you are not alone.

      Russ Ross

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      Tom Rioux

      After answering your question the first time, we ran across this very same problem.  We checked the recovery database and everything looked fine.  No messages pending for the thread in question but the GUI status showed the messages pending.   Bouncing the thread or process won’t get rid of it.  We did do the hcimsiutil -zt command and it cleared out the phantom pending in the GUI status.

      Hope this helps…

      Tom Rioux

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      Nate Kruse

      This is interesting…so I assume that the Alerts could be false positive as well.  Next time our help desk tells us that the message counts are high, I’ll have to check through the command line.

      Thanks for bringing this up.

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