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    John Mercogliano


       I’ve sent the following to QDX support.  I have not seen this situation document anywhere.  


    We are currently using QDX 5.2 rev 2 on HP-UX 11.11.  We have encountered a problem with Pathcopy causing a panic when doing a purge cache that does not appear to be addressed in any of the release notes up to 5.4 rev 1.  We have encountered two different instances of this problem both dealing with copying from HL7 2.2 to HL7 2.3.

    1.  When doing a pathcopy where the data received in a source field is larger then the field definition will cause a panic when a purge cache is done.  Creating a variant with the correct length eliminates the panic.

    2. Even though the source system said they will send 2.2, they where sending more fields then was defined for the DG1 and GT1 segments in 2.2.  This would cause a panic when this extra data was received after a purge cache.  Using the copy command to copy the fields individually eliminated the panic. I would not be supprised if creating an approriate varient would fix this problem also.

    Turning up EO config allowed us to track down and reproduce the error.

    This was the error message we received.  

    PANIC: assertion ‘vsiSrc != ((struct VvSegInfo *) 0)’ failed at Runtime.cpp/1793

    If this problem has not been reported please register them otherwise let us know what version they are fixed in.

    John Mercogliano
    Sentara Healthcare
    Hampton Roads, VA

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