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    James Sedlmeyer

    I’m here again hoping someone can see something wrong with my ODBC script that calls a SQLSERVER stored procedure. At this point I’m just trying to get a returned row of data that I’m told is present in the database. The proc is sending 4 input parms and receiving 5 output parms from the stored procedure. After I execute the SP I’m just chaecking the SQLMoreResults field and am getting SQL_NO_DATA_FOUND. I’m meeting with the person who wrote the SP today but want to rule out it’s not something wrong with my script. I’ve attached the script again. Jim K has pointed me in the right direction but I’m still not there. Also does someone have a tcl/odbc script that sends and receives data to sqlserver that they would want to share???????

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      Tom Rioux


      I’m attaching one that we are going to be implementing soon here.   It is complete yet.  I still have to do some error coding but it does return the rows, then takes the data and populates it into the message.

      I have to give props to Jim K as well because this was written from a template that he provided to me.   I have merely made some modifications where necessary.

      Let me know if you need any explanation of anthing.


      Tom Rioux

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      Josh Lewis

      From what I have found the command SQLMoreReults checks the result set to see if you have more than 1 returned set.  You should be able to use SQLFetch against your statement to see if there is data then mine the data from that point (I usually use SQLGetData).

      Hope this helps.

      Josh Lewis

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