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    Sundeep Kumar

    I have a OB TPS proc that makes a tcl socket connection to retrieve some data to add to a ADT_P01. When the socket fails due to server going away I want to queue up the message and basically block any processing till the tcl socket connects. Various meathods are possible:

    1. Return some sort of disposition when socket connection fails so message is queued. I tried PROTO, SEND, OVER but with a file protocol OUT thread it looks like the message does get placed in the queue at state 10 but then quicky goes away into the file.

    2. another possiblity is may be kill the thread from the TPS stream itself when the socket fails. How do i do this ?

    Basically I want the Operations to notice that socket is failing and get it back up. Any suggestions will be appreciated

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      Sundeep Kumar

      I finally fogured out the problem. The correct disposition is SEND but since I was using file resend (via resnd feature of the outbound thread) though the outbound TPS the mesage did not have a source but did have a destination. So when the message was being picked backed up from the database it would error and go to the error DB since it did not have a source. Fix was to send the message to the outbound via a inbound thread and the SEND disposition worked just great!

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