No state 16 msg when using save_ob_msg from recover_56.tcl

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    B Pariyesana

    Good afternoon,

    We are trying to upgrade to 5.6 rev2 from 5.4.1. I found an issue when I was testing recover_56.tcl. I noticed that there is no state 16 message during the time-out. I was finally able to see the state 16 once I changed the dispList in the save_ob_msg from KILL to CONTINUE.

    Has anybody experience this issue? Did changing the dispList in the save_ob_msg fix the problem or just mask it?


    Budhi Pariyesana

    MedStar Health

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      If you will do a search on the forums, you will find tons of information on 5.6 and the recovery scripts.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Russ Ross

      I don’t remember if I looked specifically for state 16 because I gave up on recover_56 when I never seemed to have OBMSGID set to anything.

      I just decided to continue to use our recover_33 procs which worked just fine as far as I can tell so far.

      I also hit a show stopper when activating the new ACK handling in QDX 5.6 because our resend count TPS procs that send alerts became deactivate in the new architecture.

      I started to think I was crazy but decided not to put the effort in on figuring it out since I had a working option, but it does make me feel a little bit better to have some company.

      Russ Ross

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