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    Lea Ann Brim

    We have a tcp/ip connection to a vendor.  I can see them connect to our port but when they send a file it never crosses.  How can I troubleshoot this?

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      garry r fisher


      Add an EO Alias to the thread so that you can see more details about what is happening.

      If you don’t have any custom EO’s for this type of connection use one of the Enable All options. This will hopefully show you whether the data is getting into Cloverleaf and any errors.

      Can you also advise whether it is a TCP or a TCP-PDL connection and any config?



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      Jim Kosloskey

      Lee Ann,

      Another option is to stop your thread and use hcitcptest to act as the host.

      The command hcitcptest is enterd at the command line. just enter hcitcptest without anything else and it will display the options you have (it is a rather small set).

      Once connected, you will see a message that arrives in a hex display (I usually pipe the command to less).

      If a message arrives, check it carefully to assure the proper encapsulation exists.

      This way you are taking any engine configuration out of the equatin just to prove you are getting connected and ar receiving a well formed message.

      If everything looks OK, stop hcitcptest and restart your thread. Then you can turn up the engine ‘noise’ level and check the log to see if Cloverleaf (particularly the PDL) complains.

      I use hcitcptest with every new connection prior to connecting (and sometimes even prior to configuring) via Cloverleaf.

      This gives me the opportunity to detec connection and mesage (inbound or acknowledgment) issues prior to doing any Cloverleaf work – and it removes any vendor assertions that Cloverleaf is the issue since Cloverleaf is not in play.


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      Lea Ann Brim

      Thanks to you both!  This was a difficult vendor to convince it was an issue on their side.  It ended up being a missing (hex 0

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      Gary Atkinson

      That tool is very usefully.  Have you used it before to read in a encap. hl7 message?

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      Lea Ann Brim

      No I haven’t.  I don’t usually have issues because we typically work with the same vendors.  Our Senior Programmer who was Level 2 certified is no longer with us and we are still trying to fill his position.  So, I am doing some things I’ve never had to do before.  You may see me asking questions for a while!

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      Gary Atkinson

      Heck I ask questions all the time on this forum!!  Ask away….  😀

      I have a similar problem as yours, but it is the acks that are not properly encapsulated.

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