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    Kathy Zwilling

    I am trying to troubleshoot an interface we have to this software where an ADT message is sent to POMS and we quite frequently get 2 NACKs back to back.  

    In talking with the vendor, they are telling me that when this happens they are only getting the first half of the HL7 message so they respond with a NACK (AR).   Then when they do the next read, they get the last half of the message so they send another NACK (AR) to the engine.   In the meantime Cloverleaf resent the message based on the first NACK and this time it succeeds in getting completely to POMS because an ACK is returned.   At this point, Cloverleaf has the 2nd NACK queued up and gets the ACK.   The PROTO message (below) shows up with every occurence of this situation in the engine log.  

    In talking with the vendor they are saying that they are doing Async vs mllp (which is the current setup) and that is why this is happening.  Their spec says the following so I am wondering if we have the right protocol because we have pdl-tcpip and mlp_tcp.pdl configured:

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      Kathy Zwilling

      The smiley face s/b chr28.

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      Michael Hertel

      It looks like this should work.

      How often does ths happen to you?


      Turn up EO output to enable pdl.

      Look at offending message.

      Scan that message for 1c in the hexdump, see if it is in the middle of the message somewhere.

      Dec 11 = Hex 0b

      Dec 28 = Hex 1c

      Dec 13 = Hex 0d

      If not, send the output to the vendor and compare to with what they rec’d.

      Hope this helps.

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