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    Sandi Meyers

    I am very new to both Cloverleaf and tcl and I hope someone can help me since this seems further over my head then I am up to right now.  I would probably be safer to do this in an xlate but I am not sure I can accomplish this.  In a nutshell this is the sceanario

    1. sending ORU’s

    2. the recieving system only looks at OBR,16 to place messages in appropriate doctors task queue.

    3.  but they want results if the doctor is listed in PV1.7,PV1.8,PV1.9 and OBR.16

    4. They also need sending facility to translate these fields to corresponding number in their database

    I had everything good as gold when they thought they only wanted messages with their docs in OBR16.  I built translation table and built a suppression all in xlate.

    But now they changed their minds and I basically need to review all these fields, if their doc exists in any of them change to their id number and if they don’t exist in any suppress the ORU.

    I am sure tcl would be cleaner but I have only been to McKesson level 1 training and they touch only on tcl at the most base levels. 🙁

    Any help?

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      Bob Richardson


      Just a general rule of thumb that we follow in our shop about translation aborts:  they are costly to Cloverleaf as this is the most resource intensive step in a running process in the engine.  It looks like you may want to build a TCL procedure Pre Route Detail context (upoc) to filter your ORUs, that is, kill the message before the engine allocates all that memory for the xlation step and then trashes it via the suppress.

      Check out the Clovertech Forum TCL library for some sample TCL routines.  There are many posts in this forum of TCL procedures which may help you out.  I have attached one of our own as a guide on extracting a segment (here the PV1) and doing some checks.  Not perfect but hopefully useful.


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