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    herm ernst

    Getting a can’t remove semaphore warning after killing hcimonitord and lockmgr.  See below error message.  What could be causing this?

    Everything else has been already shutdown, processes, hostserver, editing sessions, etc.

    Permission on NetConfig are as follows:

    -rw-rw-r–   1 hci     staff 161918 Jan 19 09:18 NetConfig

    OS is Linux.

    hcisitectl -K

    Killing hcimonitord

    Killing lockmgr ‘lm_qdx5.6_mghtest’

    Lock Manager Console Utility

    RDM Embedded 7.2 [27-Jun-2007]

    Copyright (c) 1992-2007 Birdstep Technology, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

    Lock manager terminated.

    [0:TEST] msiRegionDelete: Can’t remove semaphore /quovadx/qdx5.6/integrator/mghtest/NetConfig: Operation not permitted

    Lockmgr    is NOT running

    hcimonitord is NOT running

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      Bob Richardson


      We had a similar issue a few years ago (we are on AIX) and I think the problem is that file monitorShmemFile (located at the site/exec directory)

      is not owned by the hci user – site daemons may have been started by some other user.

      User “hci” is the Cloverleaf engine user that should start up processes like the daemons for a production site.

      With the site down do:

      > login as user = root

      > setroot

      > hcimsiutil -R   (to clear shared memory, that is, the semaphores)

      > exit

      > login as user = hci

      > [check your currency – should be in the troubled site]

      > hcimisiutil -R

      Should be ok now – otherwise time to call Healthvision support.

      I think this is the procedure.

      Good luck.

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      Anand Raghavan

      We ran into this issue as well.  It is most probably caused by files/directories not being owned by the user “hci”.  Someone may have installed the Cloverleaf application as “root”.

      The best possible solution would be to shut down all the processes, shutdown the monitor daemon and lock manager and run the

      hciverify -F command.

      You need to have root access to run the hciverify -F command.

      Hope that helps.

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      Richard Hart

      After a Cloverleaf and server upgrade  (5.8 on RedHat), I’ve seen a lot of these:

      [0:TEST] msiRegionDelete: Can’t remove region semaphore: Operation not permitted

      [0:TEST] msiRegionDelete: Can’t remove TOC semaphore: Operation not permitted

      [0:TEST] msiRegionDelete: Can’t remove semaphore NetConfig: Operation not permitted

      The guys performing the upgrade started some of the sites to test them without changing user (sudo) to the correct user.

      I have fixed most of these by removing the semaphores on the server that were created by the users (ipcs and ipcrm).

      The NetConfig one still appears even with all files owned by the correct user!

      I’m pretty sure that they go away after a server bounce and I’ll try and remember to update when the server is next bounced.

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