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    Bevan Richards

    Is there a way to ‘move’ a thread/process from one site to another?

    We are currently on version 5.4.1.  I am new here and the person that has been admin. to the enging has alot of threads on a single site.

    I would like to spread them out some but I don’t want to have to recreate everything he has done.

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      Robert Kersemakers

      There is no automated way to transfer threads from one site to the other.

      In your case though, there may be a way around. But only if you are going to create a new site. After creating the new site, copy all directories from your current site to the new site (excluding the /exec directory). Then remove all threads in the new site that you want to keep in the current site and remove all threads in the current site that you want to transfer to the new site.

      However: if the ‘other’ site is an existing site where you want to transfer threads to, then you need to manually add them. No other way to do this, as far as I know.

      Zuyderland Medisch Centrum; Heerlen/Sittard; The Netherlands

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      Bevan Richards

      Thanks Robert, I was afraid of that.

      Oh well, job security I guess!

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