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    Josh Fishel

    Is there a way to move a file from one server to another?  I need to move a PDF file from one of our servers to another using Cloverleaf.  Can this be done?

    I am able to move it from one folder to another within the server, but then i need to run a VBScript to copy it to another server.  It would be great if i could pick it up from a server and drop it off on another. (file directories, rather than an HL7 interface)

    Thank you,


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      Jim Kosloskey

      What O/S – Windows or UNIX?

      If Windows and the target directory is on a disk that your machine has access, then Fileset Local Protocol might work.

      Otherwise if UNIX and you can use NFS with the target system, Fileset Local Protocol should work as well.

      Or on either O/S, Fileset/FTP Protocol should work.


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      Shibu Mathew

      Hi Josh,

      You should be able to do this by setting up two ftp threads using the fileset-ftp protocol. I used the  tps_set_obfilename_eq_ibfilename.tcl  proc available on cloverTech (search for  “FTP Question” ), on the TPS Outbound Data of the ftpout thread, to keep the input and output filenames same.


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      Jennifer Hardesty

      Shibu Mathew —

      Could you post some screenshots of your thread set up — at least the pertinent ones.  For example what is in your Dir Parse and IB Delete?  Are you just rewriting the whole file untouched or are you doing translations to the messages between the two threads?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

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      Shibu Mathew


      Sorry, I didn see this post earlier.. What I have is a simple ftp which picks files from serverA and ftps them as is on  serverB, and deletes the files from ServerA.

      I do not have any value for TPS directory parse or deletion(see attached screen shots). I pick the files, and on the “tps outbound data” of the outbound thread, I am calling the script “tps_set_obfilename_eq_ibfilename.tcl” I found here  (I called it OutputFilename).  this works fine… If I have 10 files in the inbound dir on serverA, they are transferred to the specified dir on serverB, and removed from the inbound dir on serverA.


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