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    Jeff Manley

    Has anyone seen this error.

    Monitord init failed.

    Running 5.4.1 on Windows.

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      Jeff Manley

      More info from the site daemons – view logfile

      [icl :tcpi:ERR /0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:56] write failed: WSAECONNRESET

      [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:56] Inrecoverable socket error.  Closing connection.

      [aler:aler:INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:56] Removing alerts and wants for connection 0xeb7f30

      [icl :tcpi:ERR /0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] write failed: WSAECONNRESET

      [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Inrecoverable socket error.  Closing connection.

      [aler:aler:INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Removing alerts and wants for connection 0xc90f48

      [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Received command: ‘iwant state pstate’

      [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Doing ‘iwant’ command with args ‘state pstate’

      [aler:aler:INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] New alert #6:

      {VALUE status} {SOURCE all} {MODE delta} {WITH -1} {COMP diff} {FOR once} {ACTION status}

      [aler:aler:INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] New alert #7:

      {VALUE ps} {SOURCE all} {MODE delta} {WITH -1} {COMP diff} {FOR once} {ACTION status}

      [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Received command: ‘iwant alerts’

      [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Doing ‘iwant’ command with args ‘alerts’

      [aler:aler:WARN/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Creating AlertAction: cascade

      [aler:aler:INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] New alert #8:

      {VALUE action} {SOURCE notify} {MODE actual} {WITH -1} {COMP none} {FOR once} {ACTION cascade}

      [cmd :cmd :WARN/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] alerts client 0xd15e70

      [icl :tcpi:ERR /0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] write failed: WSAECONNABORTED

      [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Inrecoverable socket error.  Closing connection.

      [aler:aler:INFO/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:58] Removing alerts and wants for connection 0xd15e70

      [cmd :cmd :WARN/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:59] Invalid connection, tcpip =  0x0

      [pti :sign:WARN/0:  hcimonitord:08/19/2009 16:09:59] Thread 0 received signal

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      Craig Weldy

      I think I have seen this before.  If I remember correctly, I killed the host server process and then restarted it and that cleared it up.

      Craig Weldy
      Senior Interface Analyst
      Beacon Health System
      South Bend, In, 46615

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      Russ Ross

      I agree that either your hostserver isn’t running or you have multiple instances of it running.

      Both conditions will cause what you are seeing.

      On my AIX server I check for either condition by opeining and xterm and doing


      # to see if hostserver is running


      # to see if more than one instance of the same hostserver is running

         ps -ef | grep CloverleafHostServer

      Russ Ross

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      Pls. can someone explain reasoning behind this error ?


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      Russ Ross

      I’m not sure exactly what reasoning you are asking for so I will speak to my situation.

      Turns out the hostserver would launch multiple instances of itself because we had assigned interfaces with a port number in the ephemeral range.

      On our AIX platform that means a port number >= 32K.

      We remediated all our port nubmers to be less than 32K and the multiple instances of the hostserver went away.

      The other problem we had was the hostserver would randomly die if the $DISPLAY environment variable was set when we started the hostserver.

      Here is the script I currently use to start the cloverleaf hostserver that solved the random deaths.



      cd $HCIROOT/server/logs
      unset DISPLAY

      # here is an environment variable that can be set if a process uses to much paging space
      # that is discussed at this URL:
      # In this example the process memory limit is set to 512 megabytes,
      # which was big enough to process an 8 megabyte HL7 claim that took 412 megabytes of process memory
      # which was 4 times bigger than our worst case
      # export LDR_CNTRL=MAXDATA=0x20000000

      hciss -s h
      export DISPLAY=$myDISPLAY

      # might need to unset the LDR_CNTRL when done
      # unset LDR_CNTRL

      Russ Ross

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      Russ Ross

      You will also get a screen indicating an issue when you delete a site that was the last site launched when the IDE was shutdown.

      In this case you can click okay and proceed to choose one of the sites that still exists.

      Russ Ross

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