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    Todd Horst

    We would like to set up a standard folder to put all the errors from the error database from ANY site, should people decide to save them. By default it does not let you browse above the site directory, but you can type in any path and have it work.

    Naturally for consistency it would be easier if this value could be pre-populated with a common path so when one of the developers opens the DB Admin tab they could just select the messages they want and decide on a filename without changing the path.

    Is it possible to default this value? Is there a file somewhere that i can modify either on each client or on the server to have this happen?

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      Jim Kosloskey


      How do you tell which messages go to which site?


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      Todd Horst

      Theoretically users are only saving messages from one thread at a time, so they would name the file the name of the thread. We have NO duplicate thread names.

      We don’t usually get that many errors so, for example last week one of our threads had 3 errors, no other threads had errors, i just exported them all, but you could use the source or destination filters to get a subset to save.

      We could use a errors folder in each site but it would be nice to have everything in one spot.

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      Ed Mastascusa


      I see a different default on our box so I wouldn’t give up.

      we run 5.5 on AIX, and the “output selection” file that activates when you select “file” instead of “screen” defaults to the “$HCIROOT” direcectory – in our case /hci/qdx5.5/integrator. We could create a common dir under that somewhere.

      Also, you can manually navigate around the browsing stop in that control by typing “..” (not the quotes, just the periods) and clicking “save”. The control will then back up a dir below the default.

      You eventually end up with a path that displays like this


      but it does function properly on our box.

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