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    Robert Denny

    We have an NMI interface on our meditech system that sends radiology ADTs, and ORUs on the same interface. We then send that data to cloverleaf,and split the different messages to different threads.

    Lately we have been having problems when the backup is running on the Recieving system.

    The ORDERs will not even flow over to Cloverleaf. The meditech system attempts to open the port and

    We have to stop the cloverleaf inbound thread, and the stop/start the Meditech NMI thread, then start the cloverleaf thread.

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      Robert Kersemakers

      Hi Robert,

      If you know when the (daily?) backup of the receiving system starts and ends, you could put in an alert to ‘stop’ or ‘hold’ the outbound thread that is sending the messages to the receiving system.

      It’s weird that you can’t even receive messages into Cloverleaf when the receiving system is doing its backup. We once had a similar situation: we were ftp’ing messages to a pc, that would deliver these messages to GPs over a modem line every hour. But when the pc started delivering it’s message over the modem line, the whole Cloverleaf process would halt. It turned out there was a problem with the routing on the pc: a new routing was made as soon as the modem line was opened which resulted in Cloverleaf not being able to reach the pc anymore.

      Check you log-files for any indication of what is going on.

      Zuyderland Medisch Centrum; Heerlen/Sittard; The Netherlands

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      Is your message flow such that the Acknowlegements for the downstream system gets routed back to Meditech ?

      If so it may be simple your not getting them back. I find this very intriguing if that is not the case, as to how it could keep cloverleaf from gettng it’s messages. They should be queueing up on the outbound thread.

      Keep us informed.  Please.

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      Ron Gruenler

      Are you running Meditech Magic or Client Server?  

      We are using the OE viewer suite of interfaces on Meditech Magic and we are occasionally are getting the port hung where we have to cycle connections on both sides in order to free the lock.  Meditech

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      Wilhelm Pettersson

      With a MEDITECH RAD interface you must have two threads setup in Cloverleaf, one for the ADT and the other for orders, and then combine them when going to your PACS system.

      Having them go to the same thread will cause port lock outs to occur in NMI, hence stopping and starting.

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