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    James Cobane


    I’m looking for anyone who has interfaced McKesson Horizon Orders Management (HOM) with any of the following systems:

    Sunquest Lab (Orders/Results)

    IDX Radiology (Orders/Results)

    CBORD Dietary (Orders)

    Picis PulseCheck (Orders)

    Siemens INVISION (ADT)

    Siemen MedSeries/4 (ADT)

    I just want to get a sense of ease of integration, difficulties encountered, etc.

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      Sam Craig

      We just went Live yesterday with Sunquest Lab Orders/Results for just our Emergency Room.  But, it is the McKesson HEC/HEO product.  

      Horizon Emergency Care/Horizon Expert Orders

      Not sure if that is the same as HOM.

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      James Cobane


      Yes, HOM is essentially the Orders Management engine behind the scenes of the McKesson Horizon Expert Orders, CPOE.  If you have some time this week, I’d like to have a brief discussion with you.

      If you can e-mail me your contact info and let me know a date/time that would be OK, that would be great.  I suspect we’ll need less than 1/2 hour to talk.


      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Victor Ligenza

      We have HOM feeding:

      McKesson Series

      Sunquest Lab

      GE Muse

      DVI – Dictation Sytem

      Will be sending to McKesson Horizon Cardiolgy in the near future as well.

      Let me know if you would like further details.

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      Our interface to IDX Radiology was straight forward and relatively easy.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Doug Essner

      We have HOM interfaced with

      McKesson SERIES HIS –  ADT and all orders

      SOFT Lab – lab orders (path,bb,micro,gen lab)

      IDX Radiology – radiology orders

      CBORD Food Serv- dietary orders

      PICIS Emerg Dept – lab, radiology, cardiology,EEG,?

      PENRAD womancare orders

      ChartScript – transcription

      The difficulty for us was

      1. Routing order messages to the correct systems

      2. If ancillary system (IDX, Soft, etc) sends cancel or status change to HOM, HOM doesn’t forward – you must copy original to other ancillary systems.

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      Chad Flodman

      I agree with a lot of what’s been posted.

      Although we don’t integrate to your receiving systems – I’ll assume you know them quite well. 🙂   I’ve got a lot of experience interfacing to/from HOM(HCI, HEO, HEC, HED, etc…).  All of these are applications that sit on the McKesson clinicals infrastructure (HCI).  All use a single interface “engine” on their side CareLink.

      We are almost fully a McKesson shop Sched/Reg thru ancillary systems.

      IMHO – the top four gotchas I’ve run into with HCI are:

      1)  My pet peeve, HCI ACKs everything regardless of whether or not it can successfully process it.  You have to manage the error logs on the HCI system itself, no notification back to the engine a problem is happening.  Their logs can be quite large each day and can have a lot of extraneous junk.  I actually wrote an FTP interface w/ TCL code that goes in and picks up their error logs each AM for prior day, parses it and puts the critical errors into a network location for analyst review.  Not real-time, but better that letting a few weeks go by before you “catch-on” to an issue that is happening.

      2)  Order statuses and Result statuses are not only managed separately by ORC-1 + ORC-5 and OBR-25 respectively.  HCI has multiple re-mapping tables that have to be managed to get HCI to display the statuses you want.  HCI doesn’t just accept result or orders  status codes as sent in HL7 fields based on a single table in HCI.

      3)  Routing order messages to correct system.  HCI can route by what they call Performing Department.  This means your MSH Sending App value is different for each Performing Department.  Not an issue if each department that is built is for a single application; however, depending on how the HCI order item table is built there can be multiple departments in HCI that would go to a single application.  Unfortunately, rarely have I run into vendor support that knows how to do this adeptly.  We actually got stuck doing a custom table in HCI to manage this “feature” of HCI.  This was before my TCL ability was very good or I could have come up with something a bit better on the engine side that what we have today.

      4)  Results

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      James Cobane

      Thanks to all of you for your responses.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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