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    Trisha Redpath

    Has anyone experienced issues or conflicts with McAfee virus protection on windows?  We are running on:

    Cloverleaf 5.6, Rev 2., Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 2 and ePolicy Orchestrator version 4.0, VirusScan Enterprise version 8.5i, McAfee Agent version, Current DAT Version 5541.000, Current Engine Version 5300.2777.

    We’ve excluded the E:quovadx folder.

    We are experiencing hung processes during the McAfee run process.  It does not happen every day, only periodically.

    Thank you.

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      Ray Mullen

      Hi Trisha,

      Yes we did have problems with this a while back. At one stage we had 2 dchain errors and other problems that we had to manually recover from, and we discovered that McAfee virus protection had been turned on, on the cloverleaf server. We haven’t had this problem since we turned it off. I contacted Quovadx Support and they helped me out They told me to exclude .jar files and .class files from the scanner. They said the reason for this is that virus scanners treat all Java files as applets, and therefore as potential security threats and that the Cloverleaf Integration Services .jar and .class files are data files, and pose no threat whatsoever. If the scanner is set to scan all these files it will slow GUI processes dramatically. I just excluded the quovadx directory from scanning and we were back in business.

      hope this helps


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      Trisha Redpath

      Hello Ray,

      Which version of Cloverleaf and McAfee are you running?  We are excluding those files as well as the E:quovadx folders and some other file types.  

      Thank you for your reply.


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      Ray Mullen

      Hi Trisha ,

      The version of cloverleaf we are using is qdx integrator version 5.3.

      McAfee version is Enterprise Workstation

      McAfee Host Intrusion

      McAfee Scan Engine 5300.2777

      McAfee Anti Spy Ware

      Hope this helps


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