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    Adam Sterrett

    How do you find the sites that need to be purged or reloaded after a file has been moved to the master site? I have tables that is used frequently in many different sites. Doing a grep would take a long time because we have too many sites. Purging all the sites could be dangerous. Is there an easy way to find this information?

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      If I understand you correctly, you need to find a table file? Something like test.tbl? Why would a grep take took long?

      grep -l $HCIROOT/sitename*/Tables/test.tbl (replace sitename* with a pattern that would match on your site names).

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Adam Sterrett

      Sorry for the confusion. Let me go through my scenario. I am on 5.2 and in the process of moving to 5.7. I have several files that are shared between multiple sites (table and tcl proc files).  These files are kept in our “global” directory.  If a site needs access to a global file, we create a symbolic link from the site appropriate directory to the file in the global directory.  Any time a global file is update, we grep all of our site’s directories for that file name (which is really the link to the real file).  This lets me know which sites need to be purged or reloaded. I wanted to move my global files to the master site. Once the files are in the master site the links will no long be in the local sites. But, without the links, how can we now determine which sites use which files so we can purge caches/reload tcl procs for only those sites using the newly modied global files?  The only idea I have is to search inside every tcl and xlt file for the name of the file that references the one in the master site. This is time consuming because we have over 80 sites.

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