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    Ok I have been on a call with labcorp.

    For the last hour or so trying to figure out Why every Monday morning we get stuck in a condition where they claim to be sending messages as ther are in their log files. but the engine sees nothing. I’ve turned EO config to enable all and see no activity on that thread. They are using cloverleaf 5.5.

    I’m pretty sure I know where the issue is.  But in talking with their first level support he referenced SDO and this logging process that writes every messages when it arrives on the remote host. Not sure how they could do this. When they send yes when it arrives on the remote not sure how.  This is part of cloverleaf according to them. Not a smat very specific about that.  Not some new PDL they have customized.

    So has anyone any idea of what SDO is and how they log this?

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      Tom Rioux

      I’m probably greatly misinformed but it almost sounds like they are doing some sort of API call to your recovery database on your server.  With that they can probably grab the inbound time of the message to your server.   If this is the case, then I’m not sure I’d want them having that much access to my server.   At the very least, they should let your facility know if they are using this kind of technology to track messages.

      Send a PM to Steve Carter.  He is a Clovertecher on here and he works for LabCorp.


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