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    Tom Rioux

    In a post from last year, I someone had written the following:

    You need to be careful about running mktclindex in the $HCIROOT/tclprocs directory.  Doing so will break any Java UPoC’s you’re using, or won’t allow you to start using them in the future.  The procs that control Cloverleaf’s Java UPoC’s are stored in another directory ($HCIROOT/tcl/lib/tfc).  When you run mktclindex, it only looks in the current directory for files to include.  Therefore, the references to the procs in the $HCIROOT/tcl/lib/tfc directory will be lost.

    We had this very same issue bite us over the weekend.  We found that someone ran the mktclindex in the $HCIROOT/tclprocs directory back a couple of weeks ago.  The process where the Java UPoC’s were located hadn’t been bounced, so everything worked fine.   However, over the weekend we had a downtime and the process was bounced.

    Is this normal behavior for the mktclIndex for the root directory?  Is this a bug or is it supposed to work this way?  

    Thanks….Tom Rioux

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      Tom Rioux

      Follow up question:

      Why does the cloverleafjava.tcl file have to be in the $HCIROOT/tcl/lib/tfc directory?  When we ran into this issue then I copied it to the $HCIROOT/tclprocs directory.   This way, running the mktclindex won’t cause the entries to disappear, but as the earlier post says, it will cause the engine to look in the current directory for the file.

      Any reason why I should have it in one place over the other?

      Thanks…Tom Rioux

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