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    Jorge Medina

    Is it possible to iterate through the outbound variant? I am trying to iterate through the group then the segment.  Not sure if the basis is setup wrong or if this is even possible.

    Thanks, Jorge


    Type:  group

    Basis:  ~0(%g1)

    Variable:   %g1


      Type: segment

      Basis:   ~0(%g1).NTE(%s1)

      Variable:   %s1

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      Rentian Huang

      I don’t see this is not possible, looks like your setup is correct too. Run the tester and you will find out.

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      Jorge Medina

      Rentian thank you for your prompt response. I have tested and the desired results are not acheived. Some detail as to what is the goal:  the inbound variant is the form:


      [ OBX ]

      [{ NTE } ]


      In the NTEs we receive messages stating “Testing performed at Mayo lab….”

      Of these messages, some contain an asterisk. The goal is to remove the NTEs which contain an asterisk. Then go back thru the outbound variant and if no NTEs contain “Mayo” add a message. If an NTE does contain “Mayo” no further action required. I have attached a screen shot of the translate for further details. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Jorge

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      James Cobane


      I may be wrong, but I don’t think the engine will Iter through based on the outbound definition; I would verify this with Support.  I would think that you should be able to accomplish what you desire while itering through the inbound, as you are valuing the outbound based on your inbound; so if the inbound data meets the specific criteria, set some sort of indicator (a temp field) if it finds ‘Mayo’;  then you can check when the iter is complete to see if that temp field got valued, and if not, then you must not have found ‘Mayo’ in any of the NTE’s and you can perform the action to add the additional message.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Jorge Medina


      We receive NTEs with the strings MAYO & *MAYO  The request is to remove NTEs with the string *MAYO  Then add a message if remaining NTEs do not contain the string MAYO  The plan was to copy @null to outbound if *MAYO is found then iterate thru outbound looking for string MAYO.

      If I iterate thru inbound looking for MAYO, the string will always be found regardless if it was nulled out on the outbound and no message will be added. However, I think I may have found a work around based on setting flags if an asterisk and MAYO are found in the same NTE.  It would still be good to know if you can or cannot iterate through the outbound.

      Thank you for your response, Jorge

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      Jim Kosloskey


      You cannot iterate through the outbound, but you can skip (not null just not copy) any segment as you iterate through an inbound.

      If you will be at the User Conference attend the Xlate BOF (not on the agenda, an informal gathering) Monday after the evening reception and I can show you how that is done.


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      Jorge Medina


      Thank you for your response. Not the answer for which I was looking , but now I can direct my efforts elsewhere to resolve this concern.

      Thanks again,


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