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    Courtney Bush

    Good Morning,

    Ever since we upgraded (from 5.3Rev2) to 5.6 on AIX 5.2.9, we have had serious issues with the monitord.  When opening up a Net Monitor, 9 out of 10 times, there will be no connection with the monitord (all threads, routes showing red).  Sometimes it will show its true status eventually (showing all threads on the site up, green) but sometimes it does not ever come up.  Also, at times, it will throw an error, below.

    McK support recommended applying Rev 2, but when we did, we ended up having to restore the test engine from backup because we couldn’t wait days for the issues of the patch installation to be resolved – not a pleasant experience and a very, very long day.

    This happens on all of our sites, each site having avg. 30-35 threads per site.  The ability to bring up processes and threads also is taking a much longer time than before upgrade.  There is nothing being written to the process log or process error log prior to, during, or after this.

    Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!!

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      Tom Rioux

      McK is wrong.  We are on rev2 and we are still having the issue you are talking about.  However, ours seems to be more intermittent than yours.  It happens here mainly when we attempt to open a very large smat file.  I talked to the Unix Administrator but he suggests that it isn’t a UNIX issue but some sort of application setting.   I’m not sure where to increase the message buffer size.  

      Does anyone on Clovertech know?

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      Robert Milfajt

      You might want to call Cloverleaf Support with this one.


      Robert Milfajt
      Northwestern Medicine
      Chicago, IL

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      Michael Hertel
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      Courtney Bush

      Michael was right on – when I contacted support, they led me to do the same thing.  I remember adjusting this after installing basic security on 5.3, but when we upgraded to 5.6 and had to re-install 5.6, it slipped my mind.

      Thanks all!

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