Issues running CIS5.6Rev2 on AIX5.3 TL10

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    Bob Richardson


    We are an AIX5.3 TL8 SP3 shop running the CIS5.6Rev2 Integrator and have recently learned that IBM has pulled support on our current SAN packs (disk).  So bottom line is:  we need to move to TL10 to support replacement SAN packs.

    Healthvision does not certify OS patch levels.  CIS5.6Rev2 is certified on TL8 only.

    Has anyone run this version of the Integrator on TL10?  Any problems?

    Please let us know and thanks in advance.

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      David Bolin

      I’m asking the same questions as Robert but for 2 other versions:

      Healthvision does not certify OS patch levels.  CIS5.7 Rev1 is certified on TL8 only. Also, I can’t find what versions CIS5.4.1 is certified for either.

      Has anyone run these versions of the Integrator on TL10?  Any problems?

      I am currently running CIS5.4.1 Rev2 on AIX5.3 TL5-SP6 and wish to upgrade to CIS5.7 Rev1.  

      Can anyone suggest the common AIX version to go to and final version of AIX to settle on?  I would prefer AIX5.3 TL10…

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      Bob Richardson

      David and company,

      [CIS 5.6R2 currently planning to migrate to CIS5.7R2]

      We are going to AIX5.3 TL11 as IBM is pulling support this April, 2010 for our current version of TL8.   From my conversations with Healthvision (Lawson?) support, they do not certify any patch levels above the minimum as stated in their documentation due to resource constraints on their part.

      So I will report back our experiences once we deploy the TL11 on our DR server which also doubles as our Test server.

      Also: there are some significant fixes in the Revision 2 patch for 5.7

      worth considering.  See the Release notes.


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      George Williams

      Hi Bob,

        We also would like to move from running CIS5.6Rev2 on AIX 5.3 TL8 to AIX 5.3 TL11.  Just wondering how this move has worked out for you.  I would appreciate any information you can share on your experience.

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      Bob Richardson


      George, we have been running on TL11 on our Test Cloverleaf server for a week now with no problems.   This includes a stable hostserver.

      Our shake down cruise calls for a full month before we go to production.

      Stay tuned for an update at that time.


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