Is there any way to get the unique ID in EVN:05?

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    Sheetal Kairawala

    STAR sends only users intials in EVN:05 and it is very difficult to differntiate when two users have the same initials.

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      Chad Flodman

      Sheetal:  As a McKesson shop here also, I’ve have run into this issue on the HBOCHI ADT from STAR.  STAR user inits are not required to be unique.  If you have the “standard” STAR outbound 2.2 HL7 Comm Line also, that ADT line does put user ID into ZCV-3.  See if you’re able to use that ADT line to feed the system for which you need user logon.

      Other info:

      At our site I’ve opened a request with McKesson to change or add the user logon ID to the HL7 HBOCHI as a customization.  I am trying to reduce the engine message volume by eliminating the redundant “old” ADT feed from STAR.  Thus far all systems sucessfull except one which tracks our admit errors.

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      Jim Beall

      Just an FYI but at our site (we’re also a Star shop) the ZCV segment doesn’t exist in the “HBOCHI” (2.2B) outbound ADTs.  It also looks like the ZCV.3 only sends the employee number and not the true “OS ID”, as Star calls is.

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      Sheetal Kairawala

      Thank you so much chad. i dont see ZCV segment. We have HBOCHI 2.2B line

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      Alan James

      We also have the 2.2b hbochi line outbound from STAR.  I notice that for A60 transactions, there is data in EVN.5.2 – the name of the person whose initials appear in EVN.5.1.  

      So, instead of just APJ, now there’s APJ;JAMES;ALAN;P – but I only see this for the A60 transactions.

      I wonder if you can ask for that same data output configuration from the STAR folks for all ADT transactions?

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      Jim Beall

      The outbound 2.2B that sends A60s here is the same way (both initials and names in EVN.5).  That’s what drives me crazy about McKesson/Star – consistently inconsistent…

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