Is anyone running CL5.7 on POWER6 AIX 6.1 TL3 SP1 LPAR?

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    Troy Morton

    Has anyone else saw a performance DECREASE when moving to CL5.7 on AIX6.1L?

    We have a new Power6 server with two 5ghz CPUs and 24g memory on the LPAR with 8gig HBAs.

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      Richard Hart

      Hi Guys.

      Just bumping this thread again as we had an issue last week where this setting was changed (its been the same for about 5 years!) and caused HUGE issue with performance!

      We have 70+ production sites which normally take 11 minutes to start when started with locally wrapped start scripts.

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      Bob Richardson


      We are running CIS5.7R2 on AIX 6.1 TL 6 SP5 on Power 6’s with our sites deployed over multiple filesystems that are configured in a SAN pool

      using JFKS2 journeling.   When we upgraded from 5.6R3 to 5.7R2 we tripled our old ulimit settings for user accounts hci and hcitest.

      Here are our current values:

      alin1hub:/quovadx/qdx5.7/integrator/allina_prod5/Xlate >ulimit -a

      time(seconds)        unlimited

      file(blocks)         2097151

      data(kbytes)         18874368

      stack(kbytes)        2097152

      memory(kbytes)       2097152

      coredump(blocks)     2097151

      nofiles(descriptors) 10000

      threads(per process) unlimited

      processes(per user)  unlimited

      The Power 6s are the 550 models; 4-way with 4.2 G CPUs and 16 G memory configured per our operating system group.

      We are planning to move to AIX virtualized hardware soon running in AIX 7 SP1 – our operating system group desires to up our OS level.

      And run on Power 7s’.

      To date we have had no performance issues or I/O contentions; however, in the old days we had ALL our sites on ONE filesystem and yes ! we experienced I/O hits and slowness.

      I hope this helps you out.

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