Is anyone interfacing with Agfa Talkstation?

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    Mark Redmon

    Is anyone interfacing with Agfa Talkstation? I have an issue we see once and awhile where the Talkstation results interface has to be restarted on their side because the connection to Cloverleaf is lost. Right after they restart their side, we’ll then see an incomplete result message (msg ctrl id always = 000 and there will be no OBX segments) sent across followed by 70-80 duplicate result messages (complete messages). These duplicates are not all sent back to back either. The duplicates will fail since they all have a final status, but we are not sure why their gateway is doing this. Anyone else run into this issue with Talkstation?

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      Jared Miller

      We interface with Talk and periodically (like once every 6-8 weeks) the Talk station will send out a message that is missing all the key components of the result message.  We have to delete the message from the recovery db and restart the interface since Cerner will not accept the message in any way to even generate a NACK.  We haven’t been told why this is happening from the Talk side at all.

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      Mark Redmon

      That is good to know someone else is experiencing a similiar issue. I’ll see what I can find out from their tech support and post what we come up with.

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