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    Jason Bond

    What do people use to help to monitor Cloverleaf threads and processes?  we have users tell us that we are missing messages or reports or whatever but we have no good way to try to monitor that ourselves.  what is the “global monitoring” tool i’ve heard about on this site?  are they any tools you know of to help with this?


    jason bond

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      Jim Kosloskey


      If I have the situation where someone indicates they think they have not received a message, I use the SMAT files associated with that thread (you do have SMAT turned on for the outbound thread don’t you?).

      If I find the message in the outbound SMAT I can be fairly assured they received the message – especially if I also can find the acknowledgment for the message in the inbound SMAT).

      For monitoring the threads themselves we use a combination of the NetMonitor and Alerts (which send email/pages for certain detected conditions).

      Global monitor is available for more sophisticated or complex environments. Talk to your Account rep regarding a webinar for the Global Monitor to get a better understanding.


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      Barb Dozier

      To add to Jim’s comments, I like to have SMAT turned on for the receiving thread so I can validate that any given message was actually received from the source if by chance you don’t see it in the outbound SMAT.  I’ve also had alerts configured against the error database so resources were notified when messages had issues while processing through the engine.

      Global Monitor comes in handy when your installation consists of multiple sites.  It allows you to look at the status across all sites at a glance instead of having to switch between them all to review the NetMonitor from the GUI.  It is especially useful for operations staff.

      Thanks, Barb

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