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    Bill May

    Dear Clovertechers,

    I’m having some difficulty with an IF statement in an xlt that uses xml for both input and output record format

    The IF statement looks like

    nm1:OMG_O19.nm1:OMG_O19~ORDER(%g1).nm1:ORC.nm1:ORC~25.nm1:CWE~1.#text  eq =C01

    Yes I know the source field name is LONG

    When I try to test the xlt I get

    [0:TEST] IF expression parse failed: Expected a relational operator

    Error occurred at: ‘C~25.nm1:CWE~1.#text  eq =C01’

    [0:TEST] Unable to compile XLT ‘omg_o19_gcrs_pbrc.xlt’.

    Its almost as if the soure field name gets truncated

    So I tried copying the source field to @orc25 (a temporary variable) then modify my If statement to look like

    @orc25 eq =C01

    This does not give an error but for some reason the IF statement always equates to false (even thought I know the value of @orc25 is C01)

    So I tried setting another temporary variable to C01  so my IF statement becomes

    @orc25 eq @test_value

    Same result IF stetment always false

    I have treid using == rather than eq – same result IF stement always false

    So in desperation I tried

    @orc25 eq @orc25 and IF statement was true

    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can test the value of a XML source field against a constant



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      Robert Kersemakers

      Hi Bill,

      Although not ‘fluent’ in XML, we have a few XML translations and comparing a field against a constant works in the normal way:


      ZORDERS05_RDC.IDOC(%g1).E1EDP01(%g2).E1EDP05(%g3).KSCHL.#text eq =RA01

      Looking at your code, I am not sure what the ‘nm1:’ means, nor the ‘~’ inside your XML field address. Is that a correct address? Can you echo the contents of this address to see what it contains?

      You didn’t by chance copy another IF-statement in your translation and then worked with this new IF-statement? Could be you are having problems because of this known bug.

      Zuyderland Medisch Centrum; Heerlen/Sittard; The Netherlands

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