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    Joseph Benigno

    Is it possible to setup an http-client protocol connection that has similar processing as the recover_33 procs?

    This how we have our thread setup right now:

    Protocol: http-client

    URL: valid URL

    Method: POST

    Driver Mode: Message Driven

    Query TPS: httpQuery {MSGUSE DATA}

    Messages are posting to the server and we are receiving a response back.  It is either an “OK” or “FAIL” message – like this:

    ‘OK: ADT post processed
    x0ax0aID: 487b9b9aaf869′ or

    ‘FAIL: ADT message could not be parsed
    x0ax0aID: ‘

    I am working with the web administrator to fix the problems with those that fail.  But, the problem I am having is getting Cloverleaf to recognize these responses coming back.  The engine can see them, because they are all going to the error db with “Unsupported Trxid (101)”.  But SMAT does not pick them up and I don’t think the engine really sees them as replies.  The error message is unsupported Trxid – but the error db has both the correct source and destination thread.  What I don’t understand is, if there’s no trixid to route with, how can it determine the destination thread????

    My questions are:  Can Cloverleaf handle replies with an http-client protocol.  If so, how do I handle these?????

    Please bear with me as I really don’t know much if anything about web processing, let alone how Cloverleaf fits into that picture.

    Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!

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      Joseph Benigno

      Anyone using http-client protocol. We would like to hear about your experiences.

      Thanks we appreaciate any tips you can provide.

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      Joseph Benigno

      Hey there,

      I hate to be a pest but has anyone out there done anything with http protocol?



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      Jim Kosloskey


      I am just starting to play with this.


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      Robert Milfajt

      On Cloverleaf 3.8.1P I used it to post to a page to send interface message data to a SQL database.  The 3.8.1P stuff was quite limited, and the project never went live and lived only as a proof of concept.  That was late last year.  I think I may have tweaked this after we went to 5.3 to use TCL Curl, but since it is not a “real” project, I cannot remember what state I left it in.

      I am in the process of working with Epic Interconnect to call Epic’s EMPI function to get other systems MRN’s to store in PID.3 on an result message for lab.  This project is just in the infancy and the Interconnect server is being set up as I type this.  It should be mid-August when I can report more.


      Robert Milfajt
      Northwestern Medicine
      Chicago, IL

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