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    I have and inbound ftp X12 message being converted to an VRL file.

    I need to move / notify the next system when they can start their process, after I have completed all the incoming records.

    This is a once a day inbound FTP job that has no timing tied to it.

    The question is if someone else has ran into this problem and what they did with it. Or if there is something real simple I’m just not seeing today.

    I’m leaning toward creating a UPOC that checks the recover DB when called to write the message. And take the approriate action based on what it finds.  But I’m really not sure that would solve the issue.

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      Charlie Bursell

      Use the USERDATA meta data field

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      Jim Kosloskey


      I am not sure if this fits but long ago when faced with what I think is a similar situation, we had a file in the directory that would never dissapear.

      We then had a dir parse routine that made sure that file was at the end of the list.

      That file contained a dummy message that by it’s content indicated it was the last message.

      We then made sure our special file was not included in the delte UPoC so that it would be there the next time around.

      Upon recognition (in an Inbound Tps proc) that we received the last message (our special message from our special file) we took whatever action was necessary when we realized we had processed the last file.

      At least that is my hazy recollection of what we did.


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