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    Sandi Meyers

    Does anyone know of a way that I can hold all my A03 messages for 5 days before sending them out?  I am having a problem with a receiving system dropping patients before results are final when they receive a discharge message instead of wating for a Final result and have determined this is the easiest way to resolve this.

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      Jerry Tilsley

      You can direct all the A03 messages to a thread that will store them into a text file with the name of the datestamp, ie 20090610.  Then you can use another thread with an inbound filter to pickup only files that have a datestamp name of 5 days earlier, ie 20090605 or earlier.  We use this technique for a couple of our interfaces.



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      Sandi Meyers

      DO I post everyday to the same file? Or everyday to a different file?  If it is the same file I don’t want it to overwrite.  And if it doesn’t overwrite I also don’t want it to grow out of control to where it takes forever to read.  If it is a different file for everday how do you clear the files that keep getting produced? Manually.  This procedure is a little new to me.  I want to make sure i know how to automatically name these files and how to make the system review the correct one.  I think i can manage the correct messages in the file once i get that far.  (yeah right)

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      Jerry Tilsley

      You write to the same file per day.

      Example: Today you would write all files to 20090611, tomorrow you would write the files to 20090612.  

      This is accomplished by setting a date variable to today’s date, then setting the filename to this variable.  I’ll see if I can find an example code for this!

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      Jerry Tilsley

      Set the date variable to today:

      set date [clock format [clock seconds] -format “%Y%m%d”]

      Set the outbound filename:

      msgmetaset $mh DRIVERCTL “{FILESET {{OBFILE $date}}}”

      This will write everything to a file named with the current date.  Then you can use a different thread to pick up files with a date 5 days earlier as I described before.

      Hope this helps!

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      Sandi Meyers

      Wish it did but i really don’t know how to do that.  I have done basic threads on TCP/Ip and none to files.  So I will probably have to pay for support for this.  i have been looking at this but trully can’t figure this out.

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      Michael Hertel

      Here’s another way.

      Don’t send the system A03’s from ADT.

      But when you receive the final result through the results interface, then spin off an A03 and route it to the ADT interface.

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