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    Jerry Tilsley

    I am modifying a hl7 variant to add a custom segment of an ORM^R01 message.  The segment will have two fields each one with the following format:

    |office add1^office add2^city^state code^zip code|

    When defining the custom segments I built the fields for this segment, but none of the field types that I have tried have the appropriate field structure definition.  Can I define my own field type similar to the pre-built ones, i.e. AD, XAD, etc.?



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      Jim Kosloskey


      You cannot make your own Data Type definitions.

      The few times I have been forced to use a user field definition with a Data Type other than one allowed for in the HL/7 standard, I specified CM as the Data Type. Although that Data Type is officially just for backward compatibility in Versions later than 2.2, it allows me to understand I am expecting components in that field.

      But you still need to use component notation in your Xlates as the components will not be displayed in teh inbound/outbound message trees in the Xlate Configurator. Component notation is .[x] after the field name (where x is some number starting with 0 – zero).

      You can also define the field with a ST or TX Data Type and still use component notation inside your Xlate and it should work.

      Personally I try to find a logical place for the data within the standard HL/7 message specification and resist specifying a User field (I normally succeed in that endeavor). If I need to define a User field I try to use one of the standard Data Types by convincing the sending or receiving system to embrace a standard definition.

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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      Chris Williams


      Why not use AD (Address) or XAD (Extended Address) for the field type? They both have the format you specified. There’s no penalty for not using the subfields beyond the zipcode.

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      Jerry Tilsley

      I was concerned that using AD and the messages not having all the fields might error it out.  Thanks for the input, I will use it and see how it goes!



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