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    Tom Arrowsmith

    I am trying to use an xlate to accomplish the following:

    IN1 segments have a value in the IN1-1 called the “set ID” – in my experience an integer that reflects the repetition number for that segment (“1” or “2” or “3”).

    I need this same number to appear in a field in the IN2 segment. I have created a variant with an additional field (IN2-73) for this purpose.

    If a patient has three insurances, there will be three repetitions of the IN1 followed by the IN2. Since each of the three IN1-1 fields increments I am seeing the value of “1” in the first IN1-1, a value of “2” in the second IN1-1, and a value of “3” in the third IN1-1.

    I need to place these values, “1”, “2”, and “3” in the respective repititions of the IN2-73.

    I’ve identified the group basis as 3. Here’s an example of what a sample message looks like in the testing tool:

    0(0).MSH(0)  :  >:;~&:ST02:L:LA01:L:20090909093600::ADT;A04:9266233:D:2.2:9266233::AL< 0(0).EVN(0)  :  >:A04:20090909093600:::NS< 0(0).PID(0)  :  >:1::0419284;;;ST02L;MR~00434518;;;ST02;PI::CLOVERLEAF;ALBERT;””::19400629:M::1:8012007 AVENUE B;;WASHINGTON;DC;20011;USA;P::(703)776-1000::E;ENGLISH;HL70296;E;ENGLISH;99CLAN:M:MET:0925200002;;;ST02L:888-00-8888:::::N:::N:::N< 0(0).PD1(0)  :  >::::1;NOT ON STAFF;DOCTOR;””;;;;HL70010< 0(0).NK1(0)  :  >:1:CLOVERLEAF;MRS;””:Z;SPOUSE;HL70063;Z;SPOUSE;99REL:8012007 AVENUE B;;WASHINGTON;DC;20011;USA;P:(800)588-2300::REL1::::::::F< 0(0).PV1(0)  :  >:1:O:RAD:3:::300100;MARKIN;LAURIE;””;;;MD;HL70010::””:MED::::1:::300100;MARKIN;LAURIE;””;;;MD;HL70010:OP::BC:::::::::::::::::::L::0:::200909090935< 0(0).PV2(0)  :  >:::::::::::::::::::::””:””:RADIOLOGY;D;RAD;;;ST02;XX< 0(0).AL1(0)  :  >:””:””:””:””:””:””< 0(0).DG1(0)  :  >:1:FF::TESTING IN1 IN HL7 MSSG::A:::::::::0< 0(0).DG1(1)  :  >:2:FF::TESTING IN1 IN HL7 MSSG::W:::::::::1< 1(0).0(0).PR1(0)  :  >:””:””:””:””:””:””::””:””::””:””< 2(0).GT1(0)  :  >:1:00434518;;;ST02;PI~00434518;;;ST02;GN:CLOVERLEAF;ALBERT;””;””::8012007 AVENUE B;;WASHINGTON;DC;20011;USA;P:(703)776-1000::19400629:M::S:888-00-8888:::1:;TOBACCO LOBBY::::2:::::N:::::M::::::E;ENGLISH;HL70296;E;ENGLISH;99CLAN::::::::::::::;2:;TOBACCO LOBBY::::1< 3(0).0(0).IN1(0)  :  >:1:002:300:BLUE CROSS:PO BOX 27401;;RICHMOND;VA;232797401;USA:””:(800)321-8318:105:::;TOBACCO LOBBY::::B:CLOVERLEAF;ALBERT;””;””::19400629:8012007 AVENUE B;;WASHINGTON;DC;20011;USA;P:::1::::::::;””::::::TEST1234::::::2;PART TIME;HL70066;2;PART TIME;99ESC:M< 3(0).0(0).IN2(0)  :  >::888-00-8888::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1;SELF;99IRE:1< 3(0).0(1).IN1(0)  :  >:2:001:817:UNITED HEALTHCARE:PO BOX 740800;;ATLANTA;GA;303740800;USA:””:(000)000-0000:GPNUM:GPNAME::::::C:CLOVERLEAF;MRS;””;””::19410630:8012007 AVENUE B;;WASHINGTON;DC;20011;USA;P:::2::::::::;””::::::TEST740800:::::::F< 3(0).0(1).IN2(0)  :  >::888-00-8888:::L:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::2;SPOUSE;99IRE< 3(0).0(2).IN1(0)  :  >:3:006:400:TRICARE CHAMPUS:WPS;PO BOX 7890;MADISON;WI;537087890;USA:””:(866)773-0404:13:::;TOBACCO LOBBY::::S:CLOVERLEAF;ALBERT;””;””::19400629:8012007 AVENUE B;;WASHINGTON;DC;20011;USA;P:::3::::::::;””::::::888008888::::::2;PART TIME;HL70066;2;PART TIME;99ESC:M< 3(0).0(2).IN2(0)  :  >::888-00-8888:::::::CLOVERLEAF;ALBERT;””:888008888::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1;SELF;99IRE< 4(0).ACC(0)  :  >:””:””:””:””:””< 4(0).UB1(0)  :  >:1:::::::::::::::11;20090909< 4(0).UB2(0)  :  >:1::::::11;20090909< Note the first IN2-73 has the desired “1” as a value. But the second and third iterations of the IN2 segemnet do not have the “2” and “3” as desired. In my one Iterate line item I have defined my type as “group”, my basis as “3” and my variable as “%g1” In my copy statement under the iteration I have copy 3(0).0(%g1).IN1.00426 to 3(0).0(%g1).IN2.90001 It does not work, as you can see. Any advice for this? Thanks! Tom (703) 779-5474 Inova Loudoun Hospital

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      Sergey Sevastyanov


      Try setting your base as:


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      Tom Rioux


      You wrote:

      In my one Iterate line item I have defined my type as “group”, my basis as “3” and my variable as “%g1”

      Change your basis to 3(0).0

      Keep everything else the same.  This should be all you need to change to get it working.  Let me know if you still need some advice.

      Hope this helps…Tom

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      Tom Arrowsmith

      That’s it! …. Thanks to both of you, it’s much appreciated.


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