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    Paul Johnston

    I have a FRL file that looks like this

    0558244 10002707ADM  11/23/20073PAI_INT

    0558244 10002707ADM  11/23/20074PAI_INTA

    0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/20071TSC_SD_03

    0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/20071TSC_SD_04

    0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/20071TSC_SD_08

    0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/20071TSC_SD_10

    0558245 10002807ADM  11/15/20070PAI_INT

    0558245 10002807ADM  11/15/20074PAI_INT

    0558245 10002807ADM  11/15/20077PAI_INT

    0558245 10002807DSCH11/15/20070TSC_SD_01

    0558245 10002807DSCH11/15/20070TSC_SD_08

    0558245 10002807DSCH11/15/20070TSC_SD_09

    0558245 10002807DSCH11/15/20071TSC_SD_02


                                               OBX Value just after 2007 on each line

    I have create the FRL to include all the fields .

    Each record inlcude a MEd Rec no. , Encounter number, ADM /DSCH, date, a OBX value and OBX Identifier.

    I need to create a single ORU HL7 message for all the ADMs and a single ORU message for all the DSCH.

    The OBX field is repeating over the single message.

    So I need to format.





    I have tried to create a HRL using the FRL but having trouble since I need to repeat the OBX.

    Anyone , any thoughts would be appreciated.


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      John Hamilton

      Is there a max number of fields so  you could use a list to copy all of them.

      If so there is posting here that may help you do this.  Look at an answer to a post I had earlier and you may be able to modify it for your needs.

      I don’t know how to link the post here but there is the title of the posting.

      It is about 6 months old.  

      “Single Field multiple components to create new segments.”

      Even if not this may help you the post by Robert Kersemakers  was very insight helpful with using list to do things


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      Tom Rioux

      Are you also wanting an ORU message for each original MRN?  Or will a single ORU have not only ADM or DISCH but also multiple MRN’s?  If so, where are you putting each original MRN?

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      Paul Johnston

      Thanks John for your help and references.

      I looked at those , some were helpful but not quite what I looking for.


      I am looking for a single ORU message containing all the records which

      have either ADM or DSCH for each Encounter number.

      They are sorted by MRN, Ecounter Nbr and ADMs before DSCH.

      Each record has a Unique OBX value and I would like to combine them into a

      single message with a repeating OBX.

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      Tom Rioux

      Can you give us an example of what you are expecting the outbound message to look like?  I’m still not quite sure what you are looking for.  Where do you expect the MRN to be located? the encounter number? etc etc

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      Paul Johnston


      Hopefully I can describe it well.


      0558244 10002707ADM 11/23/2007 3PAI_INT

      0558244 10002707ADM 11/23/2007 4PAI_INTA

      0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/2007 1TSC_SD_03

      0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/2007 8TSC_SD_04

      0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/2007 2TSC_SD_08

      0558244 10002707DSCH11/20/2007 61TSC_SD_10

      Output Message 1


      PID  (containing MRN , Encounter nbr.)

      OBR  ADM

      OBX.1 Value 3

      OBX.2 Value 4

      Output Message 2


      PID  (containing MRN , Encounter nbr.)

      OBR  DSCH

      OBX.1 Value 1            

      OBX.2 Value 8

      OBX.3 Value 2

      OBX.4 Value 6

      Where the OBX are repeating to capture each value from separate records.

      Thanks for your help

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      John Hamilton

      I want to retrack my earlier statement.

      The only way I can see at this point to create a single HL7 message for each MRN ADM or DCH  is to use a TCL proc to in the tps inbond.  

      The logic to handle the differnt types as well as the combining mutiple records into a single MSG just is not contined easly if at all with in the xlate.

      At least I can’t at this point see another way to do that.  Some other user may have come up with a unique way to handle it within a translation.  But my money would be on create a TCL tps proc to do it.  The varaitions on what people can do within this engine are amazing.

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      John Hamilton

      Paul I just built a quick tcl proc to do what you want.

      It will need some tweaks. I’m not sure how you are getting the FRL records so depending on the protocol the last message may need to be forced through.

      It is not well documented yet and is rather quick and dirty. But if you want it just  email you address.

      Also I made some assumptions about your inbound data that may not be correct.

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