Has anyone dealt with Phillips Vital sign interfaces at all?

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    Mike Wilson

    I am trying to configure a Vitals interface from Phillips to Medhost and having nothing but trouble.

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      Mike Wilson

      More specifically has anyone dealt with a Solicited message interface using QRY (Query) Messages?

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      Jim Kosloskey


      I have never done that but:

      What O/S?

      What Version of CL?

      What are the particulares (especially the issues)?

      Maybe we can collectivley assist.

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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      Mike Wilson

      There are a few different issues we are having.  First is that the connection drops and I have to restart the services on the Phillips box to make it reconnect.  This is a problem with the sending server so I am hoping Phillips will be able to resolve it.  

      Second is that there are 2 options for sending the Vitals.  Unsolicited or Solicited.  Medhost does not support the solicited interface using the QRY messages.  We use the Unsolicited version of the interface but it sends so many messages that the interface is almost not worth having.  In 3 days we had 1.7 million messages sent through.  When the nurses go in to the chart to import they have hundreds of pages of Vitals to choose from.  Seems just as quick to manually input them.  

      I was hoping that somehow I could use cloverleaf to QUERY the Phillips server every 10 minutes or so and just pull current stats.  I havent found an real information on this yet however.  

      Thanks for any help.

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      John Mercogliano

      The one thing we found is that philips does not like to act as the client.  We had to set up all of our from connections as clients and we where provided with ip addresses and ports of there philips servers.  Once we did this all of our connections where stable.

      John Mercogliano
      Sentara Healthcare
      Hampton Roads, VA

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      Keith McLeod

      We have been operational will philips for nearly a year with very little issue.  Yes they required us to be the client on the inbound.  Let me know if I can help…

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      Mike Wilson

      What do you mean as far as being the client on you end?  I have configured the Phillips DBS server to send to the clover leaf address on port 19510.  Then I have my Thread listening on that port.

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      Keith McLeod

      What they have set up here is the port on Philips is set up as a multiserver port.  They have an Acces Control List for ips that are allowed to connect to it to receive the vitals.

      On Cloverleaf we set up the inbound thread as a client and connect to them.  This is the way it has been established at this one hospital….

      If they also add the ip for test, you could turn on your client inbound thread in test and pull the same info as prod.  This can be helpful when testing is needed.

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      James Cobane


      We have a Philips Vitals monitor interface configured that is sending data to our Picis/Ibex ER application.  We have it configured where we are the ‘client’ even though we are receiving data from Philips.  With tcp/ip, once you’ve established connectivity, it doesn’t matter who is host/client when sending or receiving data.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Kevan Riley

      We have 37 Vital signs interfaces with our various hospitals. Some are GE, but most are Philips.

      We are the socket client for our Philips BMDI’s (BioMedical Device Interfaces). We are set up to receive messages unsolicited.  The destination system is Cerner and we are ok with the frequency with which we receive data.

      We have had some issues. I had to write a script that runs from cron on 5 minute intervals that check last read/write times and if there is a disparity it bounces the thread.  This pretty much fixed the bulk of our problems.  

      As for your wanting to do solicited messages. You could set up a timer mode thread to create the QRY message to send to Philips, and then route the response message to your destination system. This would allow you to control how frequently you want to receive data based on you setup the schedule parameters.  We are not doing it that way, so that is as much help as I can give for that type of solution.


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      Larry Turner


      specfics ???  I just completed a Philips Intelliview implementation a few weeks ago. Was not too hard except I had to configure the gatesways for Philips also. That part was fun



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      Bill Marsch

      Has there been further use of cloverleaf to interface between phillips vital devices and charting systems?  One system being EDIS from AllScripts.

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      Ruth Chong

      Bill Marsch wrote:

      Has there been further use of cloverleaf to interface between phillips vital devices and charting systems?

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