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    Todd Lundstedt

    Cloverleaf 5.5 on AIX 5.3

    We use a modified form of the hl7_ack.tcl for generating HL7 acknowledgements back to systems.  There is a statement that is failing on us..


    if {[catch {set ghd [grmcreate -msg $ibid hl7 2.3 $variant {}]} cerr]} {
                   set ar_err 1
    set ack_msg “|Invalid HL7 message: $cerr”
    set in_loop 0
    break ;# exit loop

    The variant we are using for $variant contains a message definition of “ADT”.  It is a direct copy of the message definition for “ADT_A08” which had some slight modifications from standard.

    The sending system had only been sending ADT^A08 messages.  A recent update to the sending system changed the messages to ADT instead of ADT^A08.  So, we copied the definition from ADT_A08 to ADT.  This puts a green entry in the GUI for the variant (indicating it is a new definition, not a modified standard defintion, which is blue).

    There are a few other “new” definitions defined in that variant.  I modified an inbound message, changing the MSH-9 from ADT to each of the other “green” message types, and ran it through the testing tool.  I also modified MSH-9 to be ADT^A08 (blue modification in the tool).  Each and every message that contained a non-standard message definition failed in the same way.  The message containing the modified standard definition (ADT^A08) worked fine.

    The failure in the process log indicates:

    ERROR.  Invalid message type ‘ADT’.

    Is that normal behavior for grmcreate to fail if the message is not a standard message definition, even if the message has been defined in the variant, and the variant is in use for the grmcreate?



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