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    Vanessa Rivera

    We have a DFT interface that is sending messages to NextGen and for some reason some of the messages are sent but we are not getting ACKs back for a whole day.  I have a message that I show in SMAT that we sent the message on 5/9 and NextGen didn’t process the message until 5/10 in the morning and sent an ACK.   I don’t understand how this is possible when I show in SMAT the message was sent.  NextGen is stating its an Cloverleaf issue.   Does anyone have this issue or know where I can find engine logs to prove when the message was sent from CL??


    Vanessa Rivera

    Sinai Health Systems

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      Jim Kosloskey

      That outbound SMAT is proof of when Cloverleaf sent to the protocol (essentially to the server).

      The acknowledgment is proof of when NextGen sent an acknowledgment for that outbound message.

      So can NextGen give the same kind of information as to when they received the message you sent?


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      Vanessa Rivera

      This message was sent from Cloverleaf at 15:03:33


      NextGen didnt ACK until 16:14:00 and thats when the message was processed:

      MSH|^~&|NextGen Rosetta|NextGen Clinic|Billing System|Billing System|20160509161433085||ACK|300000|P|2.3


      I have another one where the message shows sent on 5/9/2016 @ 3:03pm and I didnt get the ACK until the message was process in NexTgen at 6:33am on 05/10/16.

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      Michael Hertel

      Is this a real time interface?

      Our real time interfaces are setup to wait for an ACK and retry every thirty seconds until it gets one (most of the time). So a couple of things will happen.

      1) The interface would back up and the alerts would start firing.

      2) All the retried messages will show up in the outbound SMAT file.

      When we have issues with finger pointing and ACKs, we turn on SMAT for the ACKs and start saving those too.

      When the alerts start firing you can look into the issue right then and there, not 24 hours later when an errant ACK comes back.

      Although I don’t have experience with Next Gen, chances are that something stopped working on their end and needed/got bounced.

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      James Cobane

      It would appear that you have the proof that NextGen didn’t ACK until much later based on the date/time stamp in their (NextGen) ACK message.

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