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    Amol Kulkarni

    I have an ADT interface to the IDXFLOW system.

    The issue that I have run into is that some of the messages are being rejected by the IDXFLOW (NAK). The reason that the vendor is stating is that the engine is stripping off the start of text char. This is random behaviour in that:

    1 to 29 are good and get processed;

    30 fails;

    31-66 are good and get processed;

    67 to 69 fail etc.

    When i check the original messages all the messages are encapsulated correctly.

    Has anyone seen such a random behaviour? I do not think that the engine strips of stx and etx but any suggestion would be very helpful.



    Mount Sinai Medical Center


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      Jim Kosloskey


      If you rerun a test with the Engine noise level turned up (EO setting) at least on the outbound thread, you will see the hex dump of each mesage.

      I am betting that you will see each message properly encapsulated.

      Find the offending message (based on what the receiving system indicates), take a screen shot of the log at that point and tell GE you are sending them properly.

      What can be happening is the packets may not be gathered properly at the IP level.

      If you are waiting replies and have the acknowledgment procs (reply_33) properly in place then tha message pacing should be good.

      It is possible GE is buffering the messages as they come in and working the buffer. They may be improperly managing their buffer.

      In any case, I am going to suspect there is no issue on your Cloverleaf(R) especially if you have other outbound threads configured the same and there is no issue.

      Jim Kosloskey


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      Amol Kulkarni

      Thanks Jim, I will follow through with your suggestions

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      Michael Hertel

      I’ve had this problem but much less frequent than you describe.

      We connect to their ConnectR product. It usually happens when they are busy or doing something on their side.

      I haven’t had it happen in quite a while (now that I said that, watch it happen tonight) but it is definetly on their side. They usually recover and move on.

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