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    LaToya Butler

    I need to ftp all files within a directory in Cloverleaf to another server within our network.  I need the name of the files to remain the same.   With the fileset-FTP protocol, you have to specify what you want to name the outbound file.  Each day the file will be name different.  

    For example, I have 3 files in a directory, say /prod/data/835.  The filenames are 090528ma.835, 090528mb.835 and 090528ca.835.  I will need to pick up these 3 files and send them to another server, but I need the name to rename the same.  Any suggestions?   Does anyone has a program that’s doing something similar to this?

    I’m on 5.3/Unix

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      Michael Lacriola

      I had to do something like this a long time ago. Before I do research, I remember I created a tps parse directory proc which built a list of file names and set a global variable (list), put the actual file name in meta data as part of the inbound tps_proc using the same global variable (removing the value from the list as you go) and then using another tps proc to modify the OBFILE after retriveing the value from the meta data.

      I know it sounds involved, but it works. If there is an easier method, I would love to hear it. This one’s for you, Charlie.

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      Mark Thompson


      You can use a pair of TPS procs.  On the inbound thread you can get the original filename and store it in metadata USERDATA.  On the outbound thread you retrieve the filename from USERDATA and use it to override the filename that was set by fileset-local.


         # Get the filename from the inbound driver control

         set driverctl [msgmetaget $mh DRIVERCTL]

         set fname “”

         keylget driverctl FILENAME fname

         set filename [file tail $fname]

         # Save file name in userdate

         set userdata [msgmetaget $mh USERDATA]

         keylset userdata FILENAME $filename

         msgmetaset $mh USERDATA $userdata


         # Get the filename from USERDATA

         set userdata [msgmetaget $mh USERDATA]

         keylget userdata FILENAME filename

         # Update DRIVERCTL

         set driverctl [msgmetaget $mh DRIVERCTL]

         keylset driverctl FILESET.OBFILE $fname

         msgmetaset $mh DRIVERCTL $driverctl

      Sorry I can’t provide complete procs, but this should give you an idea how to accomplish what you want.

      - Mark Thompson

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      Jerry Tilsley

      I actually have a tps proc that sets the outbound filename to the same as what the inbound filename was.  That way no matter what temporary filename you give on a ftp or fileset thread, you get the original filename passed through the engine.  If you want I can upload this proc.



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      LaToya Butler

      Yes, could you please upload the tcl proc.

      Jerry Tilsley wrote:

      I actually have a tps proc that sets the outbound filename to the same as what the inbound filename was.

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      Jerry Tilsley

      Here is the script I always use.  I place it in the UPoC of the Route Message detail (RAW).

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