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    Paul Stein

    We are on 19.1, RHEL 7.6

    I am going to have to build my first FTP interface using sFTP for FTPS. Am in search of any box or thread examples showing this config, fileset options, and Pub/Priv Key set up via gui or UPOC/tcl. The help documentation and Info KBs seem helpful but a little over my head since this is my 1st ever.

    We are in scope phase, but basically we will be connecting to a sFTP for IB, parsing the file and sending via HL7 MLLP OB.

    Also – out of curiosity, does cloverleaf host an FTP server local for testing/ proof of concept or even if we need to have the client send to an FTP server we host? We do have secure messenger.

    Any guidance, documentation links, examples etc much appreciated.

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      Jim Kosloskey

      Make sure you have the Secure Data (I think that is what it is called) license. That also comes with CAA-WS (Web Services). It will allow you to actually do FTPS or SFTP otherwise just FTP.

      Without the license you can configure but not execute.

      I have only done one SFTP integration and I don’t have any examples. However, the foreign system provided the key and I recall the configuration was fairly straightforward. Connection was pretty successful with one try.

      You do need to understand some of the differences in the Fileset FTP versus Fileset Local configuration (regardless of whether straight or secure FTP). If you have that understanding then the secure portion (once you have the key) is pretty straightforward as I recall.

      If you do not have normal Fileset FTP experience and would like to chat about the configuration options, email me.

      Cloverleaf is NOT an FTP Host. You will need some other system to provide that capability. Perhaps FileZilla on your PC (assuming your security people allow it).

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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        Paul Stein

        Jim – thanks for your reply. I appreciate you offering to cover this with me, that is awesome. I do have questions on the fileset and will email you. Thanks again

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