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    Kathy Riggle

    I need to build a file of ADT messages for the entire day, then ftp to a directory outside of Cloverleaf.

    I’ve experimented with the ftp Protocol, but don’t think it will suit my purpose (unless I am doing something wrong!) I don’t want each message to ftp. I want the entire file to ftp as a package at the end of the day.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?



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      Charlie Bursell

      I have done this a lot.

      Set up an OB thread using both UPoC read and UPoC write.  It can be the same proc as one runs in the run mode and the other in the time mode.  

      As each message is passed through the run mode, simply append to a file.  When it kicks off in the time mode, assuming you have advanced timer set up, send the file.

      I’ll leave it to you to figure out how to send it

      Good luck with it  😀

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      herm ernst

      I’m doing the same as Kathy but creating the file hourly with a tcl proc in TPS Outbound Data

      What would be the easiest way make a copy of the file to an archive location and then ftp it to a remote server?

      Would you have example tcl procs for the copy and ftp?

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      Russ Ross

      Charlie’s solution utilizes more of cloverleaf than what I ended up doing to solve this integration a long time ago before I was cloverleaf proficient.

      The solution being outside cloverleaf did have the advantage of not being impacted by cloverleaf upgrades thus far.

      If interested look at my batch_num_file solution on page 2 of this URL:

      http://clovertech.infor.com/viewtopic.php?p=7043#7043” class=”bbcode_url”>http://clovertech.infor.com/viewtopic.php?p=7043#7043

      Russ Ross

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      Connie Kraska

      Kathy, I also do this externally to Cloverleaf using kornshell and Perl.  I like the Perl module ftp options as I can even do a secured ftp.  I use kornshell to take the thread down, archive the file, and trigger the perl script.  If anyone would like that code I can attach it.

      I need to do a real time ftp line now and am wondering if any of you can tell me (or send me) a TPS script to use in the fileset-ftp TPS line.  I need to ftp every minute, however many messages I have, and send them to a file with the name of ADT.xml.  Can anyone tell me how to do this?  I have been reading the Cloverleaf help pages, but they assume I know what I am doing.


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      Jennifer Hardesty

      Charlie Bursell wrote:

      Set up an OB thread using both UPoC read and UPoC write.

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