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    Victor Ligenza

    This past weekend the Network teamed attempted to place our McKesson products behind a Firewall.  Our Cloverleaf is considered a McKesson product as well since that is who we purchased it form.  To make a long story short the implementation had to be aborted.  I will be reviewing things today to see what type of information sits in the cloverleaf logs to assist in finding the problem.

    The issue we were having is that applications could not connect to the engine.  The engine also showed a status of up but the queued messages would not be sent out.  I would assume this was because no ACKS were coming back.  I was able to ping various servers however…… 😕

    I am obviuosly thinking the network team does not have the firewall configured correctly, but I want to see if there was any advise or lessons learned from the experts.


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      Jim Kosloskey


      Since you were already connected without the firewall it would be my position that the inclusion of the firewall and now lack of connectivity indicates there is a firewall issue.

      I don’t think pinging means anything as far as connectivity with a firewall involved.

      Have you tried hcitcptest (that way the engine is not involved)?

      The challenge here is going to be convinicng the firewall administrators they don’t have things set up correctly.

      They should be able to monitor the traffic coming into the firewall and make sure it goes out.

      Good luck!


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      Sam Craig

      Victor, I would agree with Jim.

      We are also a McKesson/Cloverleaf customer.  Not all, but some of our interfaces go thru a Firewall.  So, it is possible, if configured correctly by your Network Team.  I would work with them and you should be able to get it working OK.

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      Ron Archambault


      We have always had trouble maintaining persistent connections when using firewalls. Seems none of them have been configured the same. What we did is adjust our

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