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    Ken Seachrist

    Can we anticipate any issues with Cloverleaf for the fall time roll back the end of October?

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      Stephan Head

      Time changes on November 4th at 02:00 to be exact.  

      A lot depends on your OS.  Older versions of AIX would need to be manually changed as would Windows 2000 and below.  Sorry, I can’t speak of Linux.

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      Paul Bishop

      One of our team just noticed that when you do a hcimsiutil -dd on a thread (running 5.3 on AIX), it is showing the sample taken value as an hour behind.  Sample added, proto last rd and wt are correct.  This is through either text or GUI.  We figure it should be correct after this weekend.

      Paul Bishop
      Carle Foundation Hospital
      Urbana, IL

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      Michael Hertel

      5.4.1 AIX

      I pulled up a smat file in the IDE and went through an argument of when the last time a message came through the interface with one of our analysts. I told him the last thing I received was 10am, he says the sent something at 11am.

      Finally I looked at the data in the MSH and sure as sugar, it was 11am.

      I’m not going to chase this down, but just want to warn others that the IDE smat time may be off until the time changes.


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      Robert Milfajt

      Back when the first new time change came last spring, we identified the same problems.  We were told by Quovadx support that there was a problem with the engine which will correct itself in April when the time would have changed prior to the new law.

      I wonder if the reverse is true, and that you are seeing messages one hour earlier becuase Cloverleaf did its thing in October when it was supposed to prior to the new law.  Which makes me think it corrected itself this week when AIX caught up.

      Now for the $42 question, when will Quovadx fix this bug?

      Robert Milfajt
      Northwestern Medicine
      Chicago, IL

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