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    Tom Arrowsmith

    In a test environment, I am having trouble getting messages to pass. The messages get trapped in the error database….

    What does it mean when a message fails due to “XPM data fetch failed (304)”  – is there a place where I can find all these error codes with descriptions and likely course of action?

    I am pasting the error screen output below:

    Command Issued: hcidbdump -e -L -d picis_adt_ob

    Command status:0

    Command output:

    msg: 0x6808d03c

       msgType           : DATA

       msgClass          : ENGINE

       msgState          : XPM data fetch failed (304)

       msgPriority       : 5120

       msgRecoveryDbState: 3

       msgFlags          : 0xa002

       msgMid            : [0.0.34296188]

       msgSrcMid         : midNULL

       msgSrcMidGroup    : midNULL

       msgOrigSrcThread  : star_hlo_ib

       msgOrigDestThread : picis_adt_ob

       msgSrcThread      : star_hlo_ib

       msgDestThread     : picis_adt_ob

       msgXlateThread    :

       msgSkipXlate      : 0

       msgSepChars       :

       msgNumRetries     : 0

       msgGroupId        : 0

       msgDriverControl  :

       msgRecordFormat   :

       msgRoutes         :

       msgUserData       :

       msgStaticIsDirty  : 0

       msgVariableIsDirty: 0

       msgTimeStartIb    : 1237467985.700

       msgTimeStartOb    : 1237407088.049

       msgTimeCurQueStart: 0.000

       msgTimeTotalQue   : 0.028

       msgTimeRecovery   : 1237467988.285

       msgEoConfig       : 0x00000000

       msgData (BO)      : 0x6808d120

       message           : ‘MSH|^~&|STAR|L|IM|L|200903190906|41|ADT^A04|3556331|D|2.2|3556331||AL||x0dEVN|A04|200903190906||x0dPID||00435125|0419854^^^L|81560^L136440|PICIS^EQC^ADMIT^||19380426|F||1|112 QUICKREG LANE^^FAIRFAX^VA^20132^US^C^2|2|(703)991-4545||^^|M|^|0907800001^^^L||x0dPV1||E|^^^L^^^||||997^DOCTOR^NO^FAMILY|||MED|||||||997^DOCTOR^NO^FAMILY|EQC^^L|0907800001^^^L|SP|||||||||||||||||||L|||||200903190905|||||x0dAL1|||^|||x0dGT1|1|81560|PICIS^EQC^ADMIT^||112 QUICKREG LANE^^FAIRFAX^VA^20132^US^C^2|(703)991-4545||19380426|F||S||||1|||||x0dIN1|1|||||||||||||||^^|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||x0dZCA|||^^^x0dZCV|||ISTARRO||||EQC|0x0dZCM|N||||||||||||||||||||||x0d’

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      Mike Grieger

      You may want to take a look at the Xlate the message is going through… are there any ‘IF’ statements in the Xlate, and if there are, are any of the IF statements checking a field that either is a list of data, or a string that has any spaces in it…  IF statements don’t like that and throw the error you are seeing (if memory serves me).

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      Tom Rioux

      I would agree with Mike.  In the IF statement, it is always good to reference the field by the subfield (i.e. PID.#3.[0] instead of PID.#3).  If the field has multiple subfields, remember that the xlate will treat that as a list like Mike said.  If you just reference it with PID.#3 then it won’t know which component you really want to check.

      I always specify a subfield in an IF statment, regardless of what the data coming in may look like….even if I know it is a single subfield.

      Hope this helps…


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