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    Tim Jipson

    Is it possible for Clvoerleaf to send an email notification each time a message gets sent to the error database?

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      It is possible, yes. I believe you will need a tps proc in the “TPS Inbound Reply” field.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      James Cobane

      You could also use an alert configuration to look at the ‘error count’ for the desired thread and using an ‘exec’ action (to execute the ‘mail’ command).  Depending on the specific error condition, it may need to be configured on the inbound thread versus the outbound (i.e. a record errors because of a failed translation, versus a NAK being received).

      Hope this helps.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Bob Richardson


      For those who may not be aware, the latest Cloverleaf Integrator release 5.7 has the capability of alerting when there are error records in the Error Database.  We were a customer site that participated in an evaluation of this release.  From our trials it worked just fine!

      For prior versions, you could consider configuring a “file change” alert and select “elogMID.dat” (a tip from Charlie Bursell).  It works fine; however, if you “forget” to migrate a Table or Xlate for a process and start it up, you would be inudated with alerts as messages attempt to be passed in this process and “unable to load Xlate config” errors stack up!

      Anyway, this latter ability is available prior to CIS5.7.


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      Tim Jipson

      The alert system wouldn’t work for me. I need details in realtime for oncall personnel that may not be trained in Cloverleaf.

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      Kevin Scantlan

      The documentation says that the error count is for transaction errors.  What is the difference between that and errors in the error database?  In other words, can you have a transaction error without it going into the error database?  What does this new capability in 5.7 give us that we don’t already have?


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      Bob Richardson

      I will take a stab at a response on the “what does this capability in 5.7 give us…” as regards monitoring the Error Database directly.  Rather than

      configuring an alert for all threads in a site for transaction errors, a developer could configure a single alert on the Error Database itself.

      Some errors are posted there that are not necessarily associated with a transaction such as configuration and reply/resend (not auto resend) errors.  I would think that anything the engine decides needs to go into the Error Database can now be monitored.

      Perhaps you may wish to load CIS5.7 and compare/contrast the differences between your shop’s configured transaction error alerts and this new Error Database alert option.

      Anyone running CIS5.7 who would like to respond here?


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